Hayat Ullah Khan Durrani (Pride-of-Performance) (Patron-in-Chief PCRCF) in the Deepest cave of Pakistan (Kach Cave, Juniper Shaft Cave), ........................ ... ... Photo: Habibullah Durrani.

Mohammad Abubakar Durrani (World's Minor Caver) with Shohaib Ahmad Khilji in Natural Decorated Cave of Pakistan (Balochistan)............. Photo :- Hayatullah Khan Durrani.(P.P).

The aims and objects of Pakistan Cave Research & Caving Federation,

The PCRCFaims and objects are to promote the study of caves and associated phenomena in Pakistan and adjacent areas, for the benefit of People of Pakistan, protection of the Natural Heritage of Pakistan and International Speleological Community. The objects of the Federation shall be attained by:

(a). Supporting appropriate research on caves and associated phenomena and publication of the useful results of research.

(b) Organizing cave exploration expeditions to further the understanding and knowledge of the Limestones and Caves of Pakistan and adjacent areas.

(C) Organizing conferences and meetings of speleological educational or scientific nature,

(d). Collecting and publishing information of speleological interest;
(e). Maintaining a library of speleological interest.

(f). Establishment of well equipped Cave rescuer Squad,

(g). Construction and establishment of an International level well equipped Caves study / Research and cave exploration / training centre near Quetta (Pakistan).

HISTORY "*"Pakistan Cave Research & Caving Federation.

In 1984 Pakistan Cave Research and  Caving Federation  was inaugurated when a group of CAAB went to Kach Mountains on the invitation of some local people on abet, they explore, searched a small cave in the middle of vertical rock,

Formally to further develop Cave exploration sports, Education cave mapping, surveying, Research and finding new caves, the idea of an official Pakistan Cave Research and Caving Federation was discussed with the Orpheus CC members representatives of British Cave Research Association during their visit to Pakistan(1990)on the Invitation of Pakistan's Most popular Mountaineering and caving Association (Chiltan Adventures Association) keenly working for the promotion of Mountaineering sports and mountain related Adventures activities in Pakistan also stand as first Cave Exploration Organization in country.

Caving is vast field therefore it was decided By CAAB to establish a separate Federation for the study of caves and associated phenomena in Pakistan and adjacent areas,

On 14th August 1997 the officials and members of Chiltan Adventures Association officially announced the formation (Establishment) of Pakistan Cave Research and Caving Federation. (The first and only one Federation for Speleological phenomena, Cave exploration, Research on caves, Cave surveys, Mapping in Pakistan).

Pakistan Cave Research Association, Pakistan Caving Federation remarkable hazardous experienced; unexpected exciting occurrence be falling anyone. Seeking adventure on water in water on land in land on peaks on surfaces Encountering risks during hazardous enterprises we have love and spirit of adventure, the interest to be what may be just round the next corner, When we find that out, then there is sure to be something still more exiting rounds the next corner, our true adventurers are full of courage to face any kind of physical danger; it is our spirit of adventure that drove us to explore (more then 130 caves) the most exciting and dangerous ones from the longest to the deepest caves jointly with Orpheus Caving Club (UK). The longest walk of Pakistan, the world youngest mountaineers five & half years old to climb and conquer the highest peak in Balochistan (Nai kaan) Zarghoon Mountains.

Nothing great can be achieved without effort, struggle and sacrifice (that is no pain no gain). The supreme good the noblest object of desire, the highest thing in the life? We think that love is greater than eloquence, knowledge, faith, charity, and heroism, happiness health, wealth, success, power, and fame, making will partake of the divine nature: (For God is Love). In any natural crises our organization has disinterested motive (free from self interest) our boys plunge into rushing torrent at the risk of our life to save some one from drowning or fallen in a well or stuck in a mines or Mountains etc. Our motive to wage an unceasing war against drug abuse we have a noble act of self-sacrifices for the good of others, which are beyond the ken of the egoist. When there is aim our determinations attain us to carry forward whatever obstacle may stand in our path our devoted members have a high ideal of goodness and will not be satisfied till they attain our noble aim.

In short words Pakistan Cave Research Association initiated the idea of cave exploration (Speleology) first time in Pakistan (as Founder). It is the only organization working voluntarily to explore the caves in Pakistan, especially in Balochistan, which is very rich in this field, PCRA has find more then 130 caves in Pakistan, and explore those jointly with the coordination of British cave explorers, most of these caves were explored in Balochistan, Including the longest Cave, largest chamber Cave, Natural decorated Cave, deep descending shaft Cave and largest opening, largest/longest pillar caves of Pakistan.PCRA is affiliated on international level with representative of British Cave Research Association Orpheus C.C (UK.) on provincial level affiliated and recognized with BSCB and registered with the SWD, Govt. of Balochistan, (DSW ) according to its own constitution as non-profit earning organization as defined in section 51-D (1) of the income Tax ordinance, 1979.

Please dont forget the Juniper Defenders of PCRA,PCF and CAAB

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