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Malik Abdul Rahim Baabai (Chairman PCRCF)

Wellcome to Photogallery of Pakistan Cave Research and Caving Federation (PCRCF)

Pakistan Cave Research and Caving Federation.


Pakistan Cave Research & Caving Federation (PCRCF), formed on 14th August1997, the only one and largest organization in Pakistan working to develop Caving sports Research / study on caves and associated phenomena and related Social Activities on self help method with assistance of BSCB, SWD and International Speleological Community, providing facilities to male/female as Research, Sports & Education, to make young people better and discipline citizen more confident and patient in their lives. To involve unique methods for practical learning from the heights & descending, protection of the Natural Heritage, wild life "Natural History Museum" of Pakistan and International Speleological Community, to increase awareness for Global Importance of Mountains ecosystems protection of Natural Environment of caves/ Mountain Areas in Pakistan. PCRCF is Country Member to UIS (Union of International Speleology) and registered with the SWD, Govt. of Balochistan, (DSW/2003) according to its own constitution as non-profit earning organization as defined in section 51-D (1) of the income Tax ordinance, 1979.



Sardarzada Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Pride-of-Performance) Pakistan's Caving Adventure Sports Legend, Founder & Patron-in-Chief (PCRCF) in the beutiful Shutter cave of Great Britain 1999.

Hayat Durrani, Abubakar Durrani & Malik Abdul Rahim in Pakistan's Natural Decorated Cave (Balochistan) 2003

Hayat Durrani in Juniper Shaft Cave (Pakistan's deep descending Cave)

Habibullah Khan Sadozai in Juniper Shaft Cave Kach
PHOTO HISTORY OF PAKISTAN CAVE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION AND PAKISTAN CAVING FEDERATION Hayat Durrani looking at formations in (Pi-da-ti Maaran Cave) Mangochar 1998.
Image CAAB Loralai Branch members in entrance of Ghwa Cave Loralai, 2001
Hayat Duirrani and Jan Mohammad Durrani showing the depth of Juniper Shaft Cave ( Kach ) 1998. Hayat Durrani briefing the members of PCRA/PCF in cave (Kaan Ziarat) 1999.
Hayat Durrani & Jan Mohammad Durrani in Pooie Cave (Pooie Sinjavi) 1997. Pakistan's Caving Legend Hayatullah Khan Durrani with Saddozai & Achakzai in Juniper Shaft Cave Kach Balochistan 1999
Hayat Durrani in a short Cave near Khuzdar (Balochistan) 2003) Hayat Durrani in Lamboor Cave 2002 Mohammad Abubakar Durrani in Lamboor Cave ner Quetta 2006
Pakistan National Caving Team on London study tour at the end of 6th Pak-Uk joint Expedition.1999, Pak-UK National Caving Teams during 7th Joint Expedition at Gazzak (Qalat) Pakistan 2000,
Hayat Durrani with beautiful formations in Kaan Thangi Cave (Ziarat) Balochistan Hayat Durrani with beautiful formations in Mangochar Cave 1998.
PCRA/PCF & CAAB team at the enterence of SHAMSHEER GHAARA (Punjwaai) Afghanistan,2003 Hayat Durrani with Paul Admend from OCC (UK) in Murghagull |Cave Harnai (Pak)
Hayat Durrani in entrance of Cave near Khuzdar (Balochistan) 2003) Image
(UN Internation day against Drugs 26th June 2003), Pakistan's Cricket hero MNA Mr. Imran Khan Awarding Certificate to Mr. Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Pakistan's Caving Legend) regarding his Meritorious services for protection of new generation from critical abuse of drugs respectively for promotion of science and sports of Speleology in Pakistan. Hayatullah Durrani Glacier climbing (Raka Poshi Mountains Gilgit, Aug,2003)
Two Caving Legends, Simon James Brooks (OCC, United Kingdom) Hayat Durrani with Pakistan's Junior Caver Abubakar Durrani in Lamboor Cave (Pak) 26-04-2006